Quiet MorningĀ 

I am grateful for a beautiful, quiet place to begin my morning in the presence of the One who loves me


And Life Moves OnĀ 

June 6,2016 I celebrated my 50th birthday. It was a day filled with love and special treats. In the middle there sadly was a hard meeting, but God’s presence was in it. 

Now I’m enjoying my second piece of Strawberry Shortcake and a cup of Ostfriesen Tea in my favorite spot. A time to catch up in my spirit. 

My Year Of Jubilee is over, but seeing and celebrating who God is and all the ways in which He blesses me, that will continue. 

I’ve received encouraging feedback about my posts. They seem to be pointing to God. So from time to time I may post a picture with a comment about His grace towards me. 

Thanks for sharing in this journey. May you know His goodness towards you moment by moment.